ARM has a 20 year history in developing processor technology with a focus on minimizing power consumption both when  systems and fully active and inactive for mobile phone applications. When ARM pioneered the concept of openly licensable IP for the development of 32-bit RISC microprocessor-based SoCs in the early 1990s, it changed the dynamics of the semiconductor industry forever. By licensing, rather than manufacturing and selling its chip technology, the Company established a new business model that has redefined the way microprocessors are designed, produced and sold. As the functionality of the processors have increased over time, ARM has started to explore the deployment of the technology into additional, non-mobile applications.

ARM licenses its IP (e.g. single and multi-core CPUs, AMBA coherent buses, cache, DMA and memory controllers) to a network of more than 200 Partners, which includes some of the world’s leading semiconductor and system companies. These partners utilise ARM’s low-cost, power-efficient core designs to create and manufacture microprocessors, peripherals and SoC solutions. As the foundation of the company’s global technology network, these partners, along with the entire community of  more than 700 ARM Partners,  have played a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of the ARM® architecture. Today, silicon partners have shipped in excess of 20 billion ARM Powered microprocessors into a broad range of microcontroller-, embedded-, mobile and computing- applications and are at the forefront of shaping a new era of automotive, consumer entertainment, storage, security, and netbook systems.

Project Coordinator: Emre Ozer

Emre Ozer

Emre Ozer joined ARM R&D in 2005. He received his Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University in 2001. He worked in Motorola StarCore and Trinity College Dublin, occupying positions of computer architect and research fellow. His research interests are high-performance low-power microarchitecture design, energy-efficient computing, many core architectures, multithreading, low-energy servers and data centres.

Other Project Members

Tony Gore (Project Manager)
Ali Saidi (R&D)
Andreas Hansson (R&D)
Ibrahim Chadirchi (IT)
Sean Crossan (IT)

Former Members

Sachin Idgunji

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